Human resources

A total of 6,673 employees worked in the Aurubis Group worldwide as at September 30, 2018. Of this number, about 56.6 % were employed at German sites and about 43.4 % worked in other countries. In the reporting year, we hired a number of new employees in light of several areas that will be growing in importance in the future, such as research, development, innovation, technology, and the internal growth project Future Complex Metallurgy.

Aurubis Group personnel are mainly dispersed among the following countries: Germany (3,780), Bulgaria (866), the USA (647), Belgium (609), the Netherlands (311), Finland (262), and Italy (123).

Aurubis Group employees

Number as at 9/30
Chart: Employees

Aurubis Group personnel structure

Number as at 9/30/2018
Chart: personel structure