Copper (Cu)

The basis of our modern world and many forward-looking trends.

Whether transport, energy supply systems, or construction: Many facets of modern life are developing at a fast pace. With its unique properties, copper is and remains the basis for these trends. This allows us to hold a steady course as we move towards the future.

Apart from its characteristic red color, copper is known for its very high electrical and thermal conductivity. This qualifies the metal for countless uses in energy and telecommunications, as well as in nearly all thermally conductive heat exchangers in air conditioners and radiators. Copper is frequently alloyed with other metals, for example with zinc to form brass or with tin to form bronze. Copper can also be recycled as often as desired without a loss of quality.

In addition to its use in energy grids, cell phones, and heat pipelines, copper drives future mobility solutions in particular. While a conventional car contains about 25 kg of the metal, electric cars contain over three times that amount. This is similar for electric buses and trucks. But batteries, electric motors, and power electronics are just the start. The necessary charging stations and their cable systems raise demand even further. So it’s no wonder that today’s global copper demand of about 0.4 million t for electric vehicles alone is expected to increase to nearly 3 million t in 2030.

On top of rising copper demand from electric vehicles, there are also large-scale infrastructure measures such as the “New Silk Road” initiated in China, as well as stable demand from industrialized countries. All in all, global demand for refined copper is expected to increase by around 2 % in 2018 and 2019 due to these developments.

million electric and hybrid cars are projected to be sold in 2025, a market that grows by an average of 24 % each year.

We will benefit from this momentum into the future. Aurubis already fabricates about 1.2 million t of copper cathodes with a purity level of 99.995 %. Thanks to our distinct expertise in recycling, approximately 40 % of these cathodes come from reprocessed copper scrap. And our product range doesn’t stop there. In addition to copper cathodes, we offer our customers processed copper in the form of preliminary products such as wire rod, shapes, pre-rolled strip, specialty wire, and alloys. We thus provide a tailored solution for every application.

Because progress is based on copper.

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